“TED talks” 11 year old boy against unsustainable farming!

Hello! This is a short video of an 11-year-old boy who has been educated on how most food is really made, and with his knowledge he no longer eats “sparkly cereal”… watch this:


We need to keep our not only our bodies, but our planet healthy as well. Without sustainable farming none of that can happen.  Eat real food, feel real good… and the planet will thank you for it! We HAVE to live on this planet, and we HAVE to live in our bodies… why not make the places we HAVE to live the very best they can be? I sure don’t want to live in a sh*t hole, but so far that seems to be exactly what we are creating for ourselves.  Stand up against greedy farmers and corporations, stop being so lazy and going to the nearest super market because it’s easy and convenient…. find a farmers market, and get delicious, amazing, REAL food from them. Those are the people that deserve your money. Support them. Do it.

People need to learn, these rants and raves aren’t silly words from jealous, poor, stupid, annoying “hippies”… These rants and raves are for the good of all mankind, stupid or genius, wealthy or poor, fat or skinny, whoever, and our planet Earth.
This is important.
This needs to happen, or all hope is lost.


2 thoughts on ““TED talks” 11 year old boy against unsustainable farming!

  1. AWE-MAZE-ING!!!!!!! This little boy is our future!!! I am so freaking impressed!! In awe of his passion and drive for a better system. Bravo!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I am in LOVE with this adult child!!! He is awesome!! If all the kids could be like this… our future will be so bright!!! His passion is incredible and I think to hear from a child, is very powerful! Love it!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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